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About us

Our story began with a single skating camp, organized by friends, with the goal of bringing an elite athlete to a small skating community for a weekend of learning. We don’t mean to brag, but that first Road to Gold was nothing short of Magical. In those few days we realized that this was something special and we wanted to share it with skaters everywhere. 

The Road to Gold team believes that the magic of skating is something to be experienced and enjoyed by everyone, independent of cultural, economic, or geographic limitations. The lessons learned on and off the ice are a shared bond between skaters from the grassroots levels to elite competitors. Our goal is to bridge the gap and open worlds, inspiring, educating and empowering athletes and giving elite athletes and coaches an opportunity to share their knowledge and passion for the sport.

As we continue to break barriers,

foster connections and bridge that gap,

we would be thrilled to welcome you to

Road to Gold family

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