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The vision of The Road to Gold is to provide an inspiring community of support within figure skating to encourage participants in the knowledge that they are seen, they are valued and they are respected for who they are in order to build confidence in themselves and a positive self regard.


Our mission is to empower athletes to believe in themselves within the scope of the sport and beyond by providing unique opportunities for education, communication and collaboration. Our team is passionate about helping skaters develop their talents and options to aid them in embracing their own special qualities and goals 


OUR core Values

  1. We believe that every athlete deserves the opportunity to train like an elite athlete

  2. We believe that the ultimate goal of participation in sport is to develop character

  3. We believe that all people have unique abilities & talents that should be nurtured & developed

  4. We believe in encouraging & developing self belief over self confidence as described by the Evolution Group "Self confidence can be described as the way we project ourselves to the outside world....Self belief on the other hand is the way you feel about yourself regardless of your achievements, looks or other things you feel confident about.

  5. We believe in cultivating kindness and compassion for self and for others.

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